Your story is not a commodity. Your story is an extension of you. 

This is a distinction that’s rarely made, which is why you’ll feel the difference with our face-to-face approach. We invest hours in you through natural conversation and spirited collaboration before we ponder the many ways you’ll shine when you’re at your most natural. You’ll get peace of mind, controlled quality and a meaningful, familiar memento that speaks to you at your best, from the way you say hello to your favourite dimple on his cheek. Take a look at how we come together for you, and explore the ways in which you’ll stand out in the spotlight when every detail and expression on your wedding day counts.

A Step-by-Step Guide About Our Time Together



Once Upon a Time. Our first meeting. 
Come in for a consultation with our cinematographers. Brave or soft spoken, every great story begins somewhere - our story begins with a conversation with you.



Heart to Heart. Getting to know you. 
We dedicate all the necessary hours getting to know who you are and building familiarity. We focus on you to find inspiration within your natural tendencies to create a masterpiece worth an everlasting glance.



Connecting the Dots. Your wedding day.
Your story comes to life, frame by frame as our conscientious cinematographers and photographers capture every magical second. We plan well ahead of the shoot to capture the nuances of your every glance, embrace and laugh. By visiting each location beforehand, we assemble the equipment and materials needed to ensure we’re in the right place to capture every candid shot. It’s written in your movements, the way you speak and the unspoken ways you connect. Your personalities speak with purpose when our cameras are rolling



A Diamond in the Rough. Taking a first glance.
We’re dedicated to capturing a story that is fully realized with an unignorable, human touch. We review hours of captured footage to distil, edit and retell a story that’s one of a kind. You’re on your way to a perfectly refined film, where even the slightest subtleties are matched with striking details you’ll see, hear and feel unfold in one, grand film.



Happily Ever After. The grand presentation.
From suspenseful beginnings to grand celebrations, you’ll depart with a film that encapsulates who you are together. There’s no need for bittersweet farewells as we continue to celebrate life and love through a timeless piece we know you’ll want to treasure and share forever.