W E D D I N G    C I N E M A T O G R A P H Y

Your story is worth an everlasting memory. Within every unscripted moment, we seek the split seconds that deserve a lifelong, candid look. We invest the necessary hours to get to know you before we turn on the camera so every moment shines through. From the way your hands overlaps, to his favourite ballroom dance you’ll find definitive moments to celebrate the beginnings of your lifelong story.   


F I L M    C O L L E C T I O N

Choose from 5 styles in our curated collection of loved and cherished cinematography and see your most memorable moments unfold from every angle, in the ways they were meant to be seen and felt.


Love Story Wedding Film

The crown jewel of our stories, this film focuses on what makes you, you. It’s a tailored 3-5 minute film that’s tastefully dedicated to your personalities. We strike the careful balance between your natural tendencies and our artistic expertise to capture you at your best using our personalized approach.


Same-Day Shoot and Edit

Filmed and delivered on the same day as your wedding, this video includes everything up until your ceremony just in time for its showcase at your reception. It’s a refined process we proudly craft on a tight schedule to delight you and your guests. It’s an impactful concept sure to tug at a few heartstrings while the memories are fresh.


Cinematic Wedding Feature 

An ode to your wedding, this 10-15 minute feature highlights all of the emotional, social and thematic elements that you've poured into the planning and preparation for your big day. From the anxious morning hours to the first ballroom dance, every moment finds its place in this poetic narrative that spans through time and emotion.



You’ll capture how it all began in an instant. From your testimonials, we work with you to develop a film that captures the anticipation, the shared suspense and the moment of surprise worth a second glance. Your friends and family will love to see this story unfold on the big screen.



Have you ever wanted to direct your own masterpiece? This is your chance to let your creative energies flow. We work together with you to create a concept based on themes and ideas that are important to you. From fairy tale storybooks to classic epics we sit with you to storyboard, brainstorm and create something that’s truly you.